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Prehistory & Caves

Lascaux 4


The Vézère Valley is rightly proud of this UNESCO World Heritage site. You need to book onto a guided tour. There is an English speaking tour every day, usually at 11am but there will be more in summer months. Book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. The tour takes about an hour but allow about 3 hours in total as there is a lot to see, including a 3D film.  There is a café/restaurant on site, table service only.  During summer months there are a few pop up cafes along the route between Lascaux and the town of Montignac. It is quite cool in the caves and the centre is air conditioned so you might want a sweater. Parking is free.

05 53 50 99 10

Lascaux 2


The predecessor to Lascaux 4 this older site is still extremely well done and so is a good alternative. Tickets are also a little bit cheaper.

La Roque St Christophe


This ancient settlement on a large shelf in the rockface overlooking the Vézère river holds a lot of history as it was continually occupied from prehistoric times through the middle ages. A visit involves quite a large number of steps but it is well worth the climb. Approximately 15 minutes away near Peyzac le Moustier.


Open all year.

Gouffre de Proumeyssac


Mainly one huge cavern with some fantastic pools, stalagmites and stalactites and a little macabre history.  There is a musical light show and you can opt to be lowered into the cave in a large basket. Guided visits take about 45 minutes.  Café and outdoor play area for children. Cave temperature about 14 degrees so take a sweater.


Open all year except January.

La Madeleine

La Madeleine Troglodyte Village.jpg

La Madeleine is a troglodyte village which is open from March through to November

(please check website for exact opening hours)
Located within a loop of the Vézère river, about a 20 minute drive from Sergeac, the troglodyte village of Madeleine is one of the best examples of the long tradition of human occupation in this area of Périgord Noir.  
Beautiful location on the Vezere river.  Mostly outside with lots to see.  You can take a self guided tour with headphones or in the summer season they have guides. We loved spending an afternoon here.


Rouffignac Cave.jpg

We love this cave! It involves a train ride deep into the earth so good for young and old.
Open 9-11.30 and 2-6.  You have to go in person on the day to book tickets.  No telephone or internet booking, so be prepared to get there early, buy your tickets and come back later in the day.

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